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ALHKANDKU   VON   .HUMBOLDT.                  g]
iho poaks ot Mm Monuwt and ascertained the real
alUtudr oi tho <vntral plain of Castillo; while Boix-
pland^xploivd tlio v<^^t,ahlo king<lorn, and culledricli
fnuts UuToIroin. HunibohK; found the climate of
Uasl.illo inuc-h ool<l<T than that of Totiloit or Gonoa •
IM» found ihr hoart*>f Spain <u>v(3rod with sandstone'
gypsum, rook ruut,,an<l Jura linioHtono; the mountains
in maav pnrlw OV<*IM»TOWH with, <latc^ bananas, sugar
rams und uUnT plauU iudi^vuous to nor thorn Africa
whlrh yrt difi iuit Hiiil^r from, the hero prevailing
i* ...,Li                                                      -»-             &
In Madrid MiotrtravollinjUfjufimiu^ which had hitherto
frowned OH l,ht«m, ntuhlcnily tttruod in tlioir favotir.
ttunil>utdtf found li^ru tho Haxou anibawsatlor, Baron
von F<m*H, who^ look #tvat int<»roHt iu his projects,
riH?otiutuMidt*<l hitu aiul liin wnnpauioii to tlic^ liberal-
itdudrd Spa,nish tiuni.sU»r, Don Mn.ria.uo Luis DE
IJit^uuio; and hy inn ud^m'%sUm, JIuuVboldt wan in-
(,rodut*i*d t*» tht* t*ourt iu Araaijut^, iu March* Hero
|M» luttud t<h«' opportunity of <^xplaiuin^ to the king
his st'ioHtiltt* phtuH, nud tlnnr probable advantages and
prartit*al utility, anil WUH tortunatt^ ouoiigli to incline
thr Uhijjf mowi «ii»n<riously in favour of his plana He
rt*(M'5v«*tl (.hr lumminl royal pi*riniHHioii to visit aud
4,»x?tiniiu» all tho Spiuu^h posHOHMonw iu Anxorica, with-
out any Htoifiition or iiuuuiVt^nioftti oonditloix, and the
r prutuiHtnt hitn IUH iniMliation. "for protection
promotion of hi» platt^t* It in Htraugo that the
frM.pht^at dinpovcr*'!* of America, Oohunlma, and
tlt« HeJmitilU^ t*^j*lor«*r, Ilumhohlt, nluHihl both have
town liHKi^tpd in (.lunr jo'urn^y by Hpaiiu The joy
whh*h llwmbotdl mul Bonphutci fVJt at tlim Hutlden
favourabln turn of Uu*ir cinnutisfiUHu^B HO increased
tbutr ardoui\ that liny i!oti!S*tuituHi to make UHO of the
royn.l pormwion rut Mpinnlily <w |K)HHil>lo; They there-
for* * lout* no worn iuuc^ iu pri^puratiou, In it left Madrid
in f,ho inhlillo of May, to g<* to Homo harbour, and,to
<»xploi*n Hpain <iu ttu'% way. With thm mteiitlom^ they
piwwd through a ijortioti of old Gaatilo, the provisoes
of Luoa and (JalucuAfttU Uu>y ,ca*ao tp the part x>£